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Great points! I think it is really important for people to network in circles that have meaning for them. I love Facebook and LinkedIn, but not everyone is a fan of these tools. Many people build strong networks through online affinity groups that revolve around a previous employer, school, hobby, sport, or volunteer work. There is a group out there for everyone. You just have to be willing to take the time to find it and join!

Great post, Liz! I think people do suffer without connection, so it’s crucial – and that means “networking” is as important as is exercise for a long and satisfying life. For the career/work part of our lives, I believe that we’re moving into an increasingly connected world that requires building and deepening relationships to get the job done as well as find work in the first place. So, the analogy of the “…solitary computer vs. the Internet” is especially appropriate. As well, I believe connecting on line as well as person to person builds “relationship fluency” that can make it easier to form new bonds.

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