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Absolutely always personalize the intro. It shows you care about the person.

Receiving the standard message seems to say "I don't care about you enough to spend 3 minutes writing you a real note". Not a good start to a relationship.


Funny being in the internet technology support business, I always wonder what is the best way to send and respond since Linkedin is a great networking tool.
Thanks for posting the short but true article as it will help me help my customers use these tools better. Great advice.

Excellent advice, Liz! In coaching people or doing seminars that focus on networking, I frequently make the point that a big part of success is giving and sharing to build relationship. So, what better way to start a giving/sharing relationship than with a personalized invitation to connect? Taking the time to do so is like planting seeds of caring and thoughtfulness that will help the new relationship blossom.


Thanks for the shout out! I also like it when people that I don't know who decide to follow me on Twitter send me a person to person tweet to introduce themselves. It really helps build the connection with my readers.

I have been networking on facebook for some time now and I have always requested friends with a certain note that helped them remember how we met. It makes the connection all that much stronger. I am new to this blog and I think you are doing a great job. Too bad I do not live in NYC to go see you speak!

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