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Great post, Liz! Recent events on Wall Street have certainly been traumatic and my heart goes out to those whose jobs have been affected. Still, this is a reminder that in today’s world, there is no job security and one must always be prepared for uncertainty. Networking is certainly one of the keys! Self reliance is another. Thanks for the links to the perspectives offered by Coach Stef and Jospeh Pisani!

I certainly agree that building your network is key, especially during difficult times. I have found that volunteering at organizations that interest me has been a great networking tool. Participating in advisory boards of nonprofits is also a great way to meet influential people

Hi Liz,

thanks for sharing this.

Unfortunately many people only start networking when it is already 1 before 12.

So for everybody who is reading this: don't wait till you need your network to start building and maintaining it. Do it now !


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